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Uni-Solar | Energy Production

UNI-SOLAR® produces more energy in real-world conditions

In the solar business today, system purchases are made on a dollar-per-watt or Euro-per-watt basis.  But, the return on investment (ROI) or payback period is determined by the amount of electricity, in kWh, the system produces.  Third party testing, in real world conditions, shows that UNI-SOLAR produces more energy for your purchased watt, and, therefore, provides the best return on investment.  Thin Film
This third party testing, conducted over a number of years, shows the long-term reliability and performance of the UNI-SOLAR product.  This type of proof is something no other flexible photovoltaic manufacturer can provide.  

Each UNI-SOLAR laminate utilizes unique triple-junction amorphous silicon solar cells, where the blue, green and red light of the sun is absorbed in different layers of the cell.  This technology results in better performance in low and diffuse light conditions.

By-pass diodes are connected across each cell, allowing the modules to produce power even when partially shaded or soiled.









Maintains energy production at high temperatures

UNI-SOLAR® laminates provide better energy yield at high temperatures.  Today, all solar products are rated based on standard test conditions. In real outdoor conditions, cell temperatures increase with increased solar irradiation, reaching levels much higher than standard test conditions. Crystalline silicon modules experience a significant decline in kWh output at high temperature, while UNI-SOLAR laminates do not.  As a result, UNI-SOLAR laminates produce more energy when you need it most.


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UNI-SOLAR® Performance Advantage (Third Party Testing)

In many locations worldwide, independent third party businesses and institutions collect data on several different photovoltaic systems.  This real world data demonstrates the superior energy production of UNI-SOLAR laminates in high temperatures, low light levels, and shading.  Below are three examples of this data from locations in Tucson, Arizona, USA; Frankenberg, Bolzano, Northern Italy; and Santa Cruz, California, USA.  In each location, UNI-SOLAR outperforms competitive products by producing more kilowatt-hours of energy per kilowatt installed.


Tuscon Electric Power, Arizona


Frankenberg, Bolzano


UNI-SOLAR Performance Advantage (Third Party Testing)


Santa Cruz


Santa Cruz Test Site